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  • Heated Bird House?

    When I woke up today it was 12 degrees in chilly Western New York.  There’s snow on the ground and my car groans at the turn of my key.  My thoughts turned to birds and how they survive the blustery cold.  We know the birds that do not vacation in the cold weather have extra special down feathers to keep them warm through the winter.  Birds however still lose most of their heat through their feet.  So would there be a market for heated bird houses?

    From a typical bird house owner’s perspective there would be that satisfaction of knowing your bird houses is the nicest on the block regardless of whether your little bird tenants appreciated the extra warmth, but…

    Would a heated bird house have a tangible gain or could you potentially be doing  a disservice to birds by having a heated bird house?

    Would a heated bird house potentially attract predators or deter birds from nesting in your bird house, or offer a home that would allow a bird to survive unbearably cold days?

    What's your say ?