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    Bird Feeder Friends – Birding Social Network Now Live

    Monday, December 15th, 2008

    Bird Feeder Friends(BirdFeederFriends.com ), a free social network for birding enthusiasts launched into beta.  The site, similar to Facebook and Myspace only centered around birding allows users to:

    Create a profile
    Write blogs
    Add pictures
    Add video
    Have forum discussions
    Leave comments
    Privately message eachother

    Bird Feeder Friend’s goal is to socially unite the birding community online.  If you run a birding website please email me at info@birdlandlord.com so we may add your website as a tab!
    I’m extremely excited to make this announcement and I do hope all of you will join and tell your friends!

    At Least this Squirrel isn’t at my Bird Feeder…

    Thursday, December 11th, 2008

    I found this while surfing the web this morning.  I love the look on the squirrel’s face!  At least he’s bothering with this guy and not raiding my bird feeders!

    Bird Moonwalks! I Want Him in my Bird House

    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

    Moonwalking Bird!

    This bird must have taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk.  I believe it’s a Manakin (please correct me if I’m wrong).  This video is hysterical, a must watch!  The bird shimmies forward, then moonwalks really quickly backwards across the branch.  I could watch this bird for hours!  I want one in my bird house!
    The bird moonwalking starts about 40 seconds into the video.  For a special treat you have a crazy lady imitating the bird.