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  • Bird House Colors: The Dos and Don’ts

    Whether you’re purchasing a bird house, or building your own bird house one of the aspects of the bird house you’ll need to decide on is color.  Your first instinct will probably be to choose a color that will stand out, or enhance your yard.  Though, this may make the bird house more attractive, unless your bird house is for purely decorative purposes you will be doing a disservice to your tenants by drawing attention to potential predators.

    Choose a Bird House Color that Blends into the Environment

    Bird House Color

    Much like a fire-engine red sports car draws attention to the police on the highway, a brightly colored bird house will draw attention to predators making it a potentially unsafe environment for birds to nest. Choose a color for your bird house that blends well with your environment, much like the picture. This will not only be safer for your birds, but it will also be more aesthetically pleasing when brightly colored birds nest in your bird house. The color contrast from the bird to the bird house will make the bird’s colors appear more brilliant.

    Choose a Non-Toxic Paint if you Decide to Paint your Bird House

    Though this seems obvious, it’s something people do not always consider when selecting a color for their bird house. Buying non-toxic paints is as simple as reading the label at your local hardware store. If you’re unsure if the paint you’re buying is non-toxic make sure you ask for help in the store.

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